41 Interesting Facts About Max Verstappen You Didn’t Know

Regarded by many as one of the greatest talents to compete in Formula One, Max Verstappen has nothing but a revelation in the sport. The Red Bull driver has grown a

lot in the last six years, and while many people find him aggressive and hot-headed, his dedication to the sport has won in fans all around the globe as not many drivers will accomplish as much as Verstappen especially given he is only 24 years old.

In the ongoing season may he may well be on his way to becoming the next world champion putting an end to the reign of Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton. Though the two rivals are equally matched on the field, their lives outside of the sport are quite different. Hamilton is known to be flamboyant, having recently made an appearance at the 2021 Met Gala, whereas Verstappen, on the other hand, prefers leading a private lifestyle.

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The young dutchman is striking on track but usually enjoys being out of the limelight, especially when he’s not racing. This makes us wonder about max’s interests aside from Formula one, so for those of you eager to find out: here are 41 interesting things you may or may not know about max Verstappen.

Where Was Max Verstappen Born?

Max Verstappen was born on 30 September 1997 in Hasselt, Belgium, and not in the Netherlands as many believe.

Who Are Max Verstappen’s Parents?

Max is the son of Sophie Kumpen, a former go-karter, and Jos Verstappen, a former F1 driver.

What Is Max Verstappen’s Height and Weight?

Max Verstappen is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 71 kg.

What Is Max Verstappen’s Zodiac Sign?

Max’s Zodiac sign is Libra.

What Is Max Verstappen’s Religion?

Max is Christian.

Where Did Max Verstappen Go To School?

Max completed his schooling at HAVO School. His college details are unknown.

Does Max Verstappen Have A Sister?

Victoria Verstappen is Max’s sister. She has also dabbled in racing. She does attend races with Max’s dad and provides her brother with her full support.

What Role Did Max Verstappen’s Father Play In Max’s Career?

Max once stated that his father would make him drive during winter despite the freezing temperatures. Jos would let the van run so that Max could warm up his hands now and then. But when his son would take too much time warming up his hand, he would force him to drive nonetheless.

Max Verstappen was right from his childhood a hard-working one. This is evident as Jos Verstappen admittedly said that Max would spend more time at his workshop rather than at home.

Jos Verstappen also admitted that he had a different training style in comparison to other racing teams. He insists that while the majority prioritize data analysis, he, on the other hand, preferred to give Max more time on the track rather than sitting at the garage staring at a TV screen.

Max Verstappen has admitted that his relationship with his father was not of the greatest. He recalls that after having crashed out and lost the championship, he tried to explain to his father his perspective on the event, but Jos was furious and did not want to hear about it to the point that he stopped at a gas station and told his son to leave the van.

Luckily max’s mother was following the van and stopped by to pick up her son from the duo. Not speaking to each other for an entire week, till they were forced to sit together, and Max was able to explain how he felt about the crash.

At What Age Did Max Verstappen Begin Karting?

Verstappen began his racing career at four when his dad, Jos, bought him a Go-Kart.

Did Max Verstappen Compete In The F3 Championship?

In 2014, Max participated in the FIA European Formula 3 Championship for Van Amersfoort Racing. He finished 3rd in his maiden car racing season, behind champion Esteban Ocon and runner-up Tom Blomqvist.

When Did Max Verstappen Join The Red Bull Junior Driver Programme?

Max signed for Red Bull in 2014 after testing a Formula Renault 3.5 car. He also received an offer from Mercedes to be part of their junior Driver development program.

When Was Max Verstappen’s First Formula One Grand Prix Weekend?

Max took part in the first free practice session at the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix, becoming the youngest driver to take part in a Grand Prix weekend.

When Did Max Verstappen Make His Formula One Debut?

Verstappen made his F1 race debut in the 2015 Australian Grand Prix for the Toro Rosso team.

At What Age Did Max Verstappen Make His Formula One Debut?

He made his debut aged 17, making him the youngest driver to do so.

Has Max Verstappen Ever Led A Championship In Any Category Of Racing?

Max has never led a championship in any category of racing he has competed. This may be because he entered F1 so young.

Why Does Max Verstappen Compete Under The Dutch And Not The Belgian Flag?

Max decided to compete with a Dutch racing license as he “feels more Dutch” because he spent more time with his father than with his Belgian mother. Due to his karting activities, he was always surrounded by Dutch people while growing up in Maaseik, a Belgian town at the Dutch border.

Max, in 2015 said: “I actually only lived in Belgium to sleep, but during the day I went to the Netherlands and had my friends there too. I was raised as a Dutch person, and that’s how I feel.

Has Max Verstappen Broken Any “Youngest Driver” Records?

Over the course of six seasons, Max has achieved many milestones and broken numerous records, having started so young. These include iconic moments such as being the youngest driver to take part in a Grand Prix weekend, the youngest driver to start a race, the youngest driver to score points at age 17, youngest driver to win a race win, achieve a podium finish, and to lead a lap all by 18 years of age.

He also became the youngest driver to score the fastest lap and youngest driver to score a grand slam by 19, beating the likes of Vettel, Hamilton, and Alonso, who previously held some of these records during their time.

What Is Max Verstappen’s Net Worth?

It is estimated that Max Verstappen’s net worth is around 60 million dollars.

What Is Max Verstappen’s Salary?

Max is reportedly signed for a contract worth 25 Million dollars a year, making him the second-highest-paid Formula one driver on the grid behind Hamilton’s 30 million dollars.

Does Max Verstappen Like Any Other Sports?

On multiple occasions, max has spoken about his love for other sports like MotoGP and Football. One of His favorite way to unwind is to enjoy a good game of FIFA on his PlayStation. His love for football comes from his maternal grandfather Robert Kumpen who presided over KRC Genk, a Belgian football team.

Verstappen’s family has a long history of sports, with both parents Jos Verstappen and Sophie Cumpen having participated in F1 and karting championships, respectively. His uncle Anthony company is also a former Nascar driver and has a stake in Ridley, which makes racing bikes.

Who Is Max Verstappen’s Girlfriend?

23 years old Max Verstappen is currently dating the 32 years old Brazilian model Kelly Piquet, the daughter of three-time world champion Nelson Piquet. But things get more interesting from here because before the two could start dating, Kelly was in a serious relationship with former Red Bull driver Daniel Kvyat with whom she also has a child.

For those who are unaware, Max took over Daniel’s seat at Red Bull when the team chose to lead the team with young Max and pushed Daniel into the empty seat at Toro Rosso. Though this may be a coincidence, Kvyat has had some terrible luck with Verstappen taking not just his place on the team but also his girlfriend.

Do People Refer To Max Verstappen As F1’s Playboy?

Early in his Formula on career, people used to refer to him as “F1’s playboy”. He was linked with a series of glamorous women, including model Joyce Godefridi, hockey player Maxime Pourquie, fashion blogger Roos Van Der Aa, and racing drivers Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky and Sabre Cook.

What Is Max Verstappen’s Biggest Fear?

F1 drivers race at speeds of over 350 kilometers per hour. So fear of having an accident or making a mistake would be high on the list but not for Max Verstappen. When quizzed about his biggest fear, the flying dutch said that, unlike other people, he’s afraid of spiders and sharks, which is quite astonishing considering that shark attacks are highly uncommon, whereas 1.3 million people die in road accidents each day year.

Where Does Max Verstappen Live?

Max Verstappen’s luxury home is located in the very expensive Fontvieille district, Monaco, where the F1 driver has a breathtaking sea view. The heliport is also within walking distance, making it on the plane from Nice within seven minutes. The Rolls Royce garage is around the corner.

The interior of Max’s house was taken care of by his mother, Sophie, who occasionally cooks him a treat. Max’s apartment has a value of nearly 16 million!

Did Max Verstappen Race In F1 Before He Had His Drivers’ License?

Yes. As absurd as that sounds, Max Verstappen was racing before he could legally drive on the road.

What Was Max Verstappen’s First Car?

His first car was a Renault Clio, which he says he couldn’t use much because of his age. “I like it. The car was great to drive – I was surprised by the aerodynamic downforce and can’t wait to drive it again. The traction in the quick corners is really impressive,” Max said.

What Did Max Verstappen Buy After His First Victory In F1?

After winning his first Grand Prix in 2016 at Barcelona, Verstappen grabbed the motorsport world’s attention and became the youngest Formula, One race winner and millionaire after Red Bull Racing Team signed him on from Team Torro Rosso in 2016 in a lucrative multi-year contract. Max Verstappen celebrated this by buying a Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

Has The 2021 F1 Season Been Max Verstappen’s Best Season To Date?

Max’s 2021 campaign has been his best so far, achieving 7 out of his 17 career wins this year. This feat may be its intensity stems from the belief that Red Bull finally has a championship-winning car while Mercedes might have started to decline.

This only becomes more apparent with the fact that Verstappen has led the most number of laps throughout the season, and what makes it even more remarkable is that he has led more laps this year than the rest of the grid combined.

Was Max Verstappen Ever Required To Do Public Service By The Stewards?

Following the 2018 Brazilian GP, Max, who was leading the race, crashed with backmarker Esteban Ocon which resulted in both of them spinning on track. Ocon’s mistake cost Max the race win, which he was not very happy about.

After the race, Verstappen confronted Ocon by pushing and blaming him for his reckless driving. Stewards reprimanded Verstappen for his unprofessional behavior. The Red Bull driver was asked to perform two days of public service with the FIA to assist the stewards and learn accordingly.

Did Max Verstappen Compete With Future F1 Drivers In His Young Career?

In his junior Formula career, Max had raced with Pierre Gasly, Charles Leclerc, Alex Albon, and Esteban Ocon.

Does Max Verstappen Have A Car Collection?

Max has collected plenty of cars, including a Porsche, two Ferraris, and a few Aston Martins. Verstappen’s collection at the moment has many iconic cars like

  • The Ferrari Monza SP2 – is one of the most exclusive Ferrari’s that money can buy as only 500 of these 6.5-liter v12 engine cars were ever made, making this the highest costing Ferrari in Verstappen’s garage at a staggering base price of 1.8 million dollars. What makes this car even more unique is that not just anyone can buy it as Ferrari offers this car to only the most prestigious people, and Verstappen happens to be one of them.
  • Aston Martin DBS 11 and Vantage 2018 – The AB DBS11 was the first car of British ancestry that Verstappen got the chance to own in early 2018. The car can put out 500 horsepower and 875-newton meters of torque. He was later seen sporting with red bull ivory on it. Soon after driving the DBS -11, Verstappen realized that even this power wasn’t good, so the championship leader decided to dig a $300,000 hole in his wallet and bought the Aston Martin Vantage 2018.
  • Aston Martin DBS Super Legera – only 50 of these cars were given at its conception. The beast not only delivered 700 horsepower and 900-newton meters of torque but also came with a price tag to match 400,000 US Dollars.
  • Ferrari 488 Pista – This car can hit 0 to 100 in just 2.85 seconds and has 710 horsepower. It has a twin-turbo v8 engine. The car is tough to get thanks to a person’s particular lifestyle for Ferrari to consider them worthy.
  • Porsche 911 GT3 RS – costing just north of $350,000, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS is one of those possessions that Max just can’t let go of. This is the first expensive thing he bought in 2016 after his breathtaking debut for Red Bull Racing. An interesting fact – former Red Bull driver Mark Webber came out to congratulate him on the car’s delivery.
  • Renault RS01 – It was a Renault-sponsored event in may 2015 where Verstappen saw this beast for the first time, and it left a lasting impression on him before he finally purchased it. The RS-01 is the only car made by Renault that is not based on a production vehicle. The Renault RS01 is one of Renault’s most powerful racing cars, and it takes five months to produce one car, making it one of the most desired collector items.

Does Max Verstappen Own A Private Jet?

Yes. He has his own private jet, the Dassault Falcon 900EX, which he bought from Billionaire Businessmen Richard Branson. The plane holds enough fuel to fly more than 8 thousand kilometers non-stop, making it the go-to choice for Verstappen whenever he wants to travel outside Europe. Now about its price, the French-made falcon 900 ex goes for anywhere between seven to nine million dollars.

The maintenance of the private jet is quite expensive. According to Liberty Jet, the upkeep of a Falcon 900EX costs between one and two million euros annually.

Does Max Verstappen Enjoy Working Out?

Max does not enjoy working out in the gym as much as the other drivers. His performance coach brad’s gains reveal that Verstappen prefers training from the comfort of his home and choosing to take a run whenever possible max also likes to work on his what bike.

Is Max Verstappen Into Fashion?

“Doesn’t matter to me that much. Something nice, clean, and causal. Some nice shirts, maybe.” Verstappen Said. However, he wears the finest Armani suits for some special occasions. On regular days he wears high-quality casual shirts and jeans.

What Are Max Verstappen’s Favorite Holiday Destinations?

Max believes that it is essential to spend time with the people that he loves the most. “We take it easy. No crazy things, no dramas, I like that very much. I’m not bothered so much, and I can do what I want. Occasionally it’s nice to be in a place where people don’t recognize you.” Verstappen Said.

What Is Max Verstappen’s Favorite Food?

Max lives an opulent lifestyle; after all, he resides in Monaco, sharing his address with other drivers and some of the world’s wealthiest people in the tax-free haven. As someone living in arguably the most affluent place on the planet, you might think that he would have extravagant taste, but on the contrary, Max loves a good bowl of tomato soup and the occasional carpaccio.

As an F1 driver, his diet primarily involves eating loads of carbs and proteins in sync with his workout routine; therefore, indulging in his favorite foods is a rare treat for the 24-year-old driver.

Does Max Verstappen Like Wrist Watches?

Like his father, Max is also a fanatic when it comes to wristwatches. Verstappen owns many luxurious watches. Tag Heuer, the Swiss luxury clockmaker who has been a sponsor for Red Bull Racing as a tribute, gave him the “Carrera Caliber Hoyer 0-1 Red Bull racing special edition with his race number 33 on it.

Does Max Verstappen Like To Jetski?

Max owns a Jetski, and when the Formula 1 driver is on his day off, the Dutchman always takes the opportunity to take a jet ski out for a spin. He usually takes it out with Dutch DJ Martin Garrix, who also happens to be one of his closest friends.

Does Max Verstappen Like Video Games?

The Red Bull star can’t live without his play station. PlayStation and his racing simulator are the something he cannot go without. “Over the winter, I did it (simulator racing) a lot, and I try to practice my skills and make it even better,” Verstappen said. Max Verstappen also really likes to play FIFA, most of the time with his friends!

Which Football Clubs Does Max Verstappen Support?

He supports the Dutch and Spanish teams like PSV and Barcelona.

Does Max Verstappen Give To Charity?

Like most F1 drivers, Max Verstappen has participated in many charity events. He is also part of the Charity Stars and raced in a Red Bull-sponsored charity event.


Well, that’s all we have for you today. It’s easy to say that Max Verstappen is living the life of his dreams, but when someone has worked as hard as he has, they deserve every right to be living it.