Moto GP

Is MotoGP Faster Than Superbikes?

Editorial credit: Rainer Herhaus / MotoGP and Superbike are both thrilling and exciting to watch. Fans worldwide enjoy watching their favorite driver go around a track at incredible speeds. The two sports may race on some of the same tracks but is MotoGP faster than Superbike? MotoGP is faster than Superbike because MotoGP bikes […]

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How Do MotoGP Bikes Lean So Much?

Editorial credit: Ivan Garcia / A popular question asked about MotoGP is usually about their highest speeds.  Although the 217mph is very impressive, the most remarkable attribute about these speed machines is how they lean so much in the corners while riding at high speeds?  So, how do MotoGP bikes lean so much, and

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Does MotoGP Have Pit Stops?

Editorial credit: Francesc Juan / MotoGP is a fast, technical sport. Adjustments and repairs to racing vehicles are often necessary throughout the duration of the race to keep them in good condition. New fans of the sport might ask the question: ‘Does MotoGP have pit stops?’. As a rule, MotoGP does not have pit

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Which Is Safer F1 Or MotoGP?

Editorial credit: CHEN WS / MotoGP and F1 are both over 70 years old. MotoGP started in 1949, while Formula one started in 1950. With age comes change, and both sports have undergone multiple changes to safety over the decades they have been around. However, which sport is safer, F1 or MotoGP? Since 1950,

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Do MotoGP Bikes Have Keys?

Editorial credit: Abdul Razak Latif / Do MotoGP bikes have keys? Have you ever watched a MotoGP bike race and wondered what the process is to start one of these incredible racing machines? These racing bikes might look like regular road bikes on steroids, but do not be fooled. MotoGP bikes do not have

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What Makes MotoGP Bikes So Fast?

Have you watched a MotoGP race and wondered what makes MotoGP bikes so incredibly fast? As they race, MotoGP riders often attain a speed of more than 200mph (322km/h). The MotoGP speed record is held by Jorge Martin, who reached 225.9 mph (363.6km/h) at the Mugello track in Italy. MotoGP bikes are so fast because

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Which Is Harder F1 Or MotoGP?

With F1 and MotoGP gaining much popularity these last few decades, it is not surprising that these two sports have become worldwide sensations. These sports, both dangerous and challenging for different reasons, might make you wonder which is harder, F1 or MotoGP. Due to the extremely high speeds in both F1 and MotoGP racing, g-forces

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Are MotoGP Bikes Stock?

Editorial credit: 135pixels / MotoGP is the premier bike racing series in the world, with the racing machine reaching speeds of 217mph and lean angles only professionals can attempt.  MotoGP bikes are fast, loud, and very agile on track, but are they stock? A MotoGP bike is not stock but is considered a prototype

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