Do Go Kart Tires Have Tubes?


When buying a new go-kart it is important to know which tires you must buy for it. This is because depending on why you want to have a go-kart, that will determine which type of tires you will want to have attached to the go-kart. Most motor vehicles’ tires come with tubes, but those that do not are mostly cars used for racing. So the question, now, is: do go-kart tires have tubes?

There are different types of go-kart tires, some of which have tubes and others that do not have tubes. If you wish to engage in racing with your go-kart, it is better to choose tubeless tires, whereas if you want to go a bit more off-road, then tires with tubes are a better option for you.

So why are tubeless tires better for racing and tubed tires better for off-road? Additionally, are there any other advantages of picking tubeless tires over tubed tires? Finally, is the tube configuration the only factor to consider when looking at which tires to get for your go-kart? All of these questions we explore!

Do Go-Kart Tires Have Tubes?

To answer whether or not go-kart tires have tubes, it is important to mention that there are various kinds of go-kart tires.  There are tires with different types of tire plies, and there are also tires with different types of tubing configuration: those that have tubes and those that do not.

Racers usually choose to go with go-kart tires that do not have tubes because tires without tubes reduce the rotational inertia of each tire. This just means that each tire requires less torque and power because the weight of each tire is smaller.

For normal go-karts, on the other hand, tubes are recommended because they do decrease the chances of your tire going flat constantly.

That answers the question of whether or not go-kart tires have tubes – yes, some of them do, but some of them do not. Whether you race or not, that will determine to a large part if you will most likely go with the tubeless tires or with the tubed tires.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tubeless Tires

If you decide that you rather want to go racing with your go-kart and, thus, pick tubeless tires, know that there are advantages and disadvantages, as with anything in life, to your choice.

Advantages Of Tubeless Tires On Your Go-Kart

  1. There is no tube: Because there is no tube, you will not end up in a situation where you have to search for an immediate repair product to fix the punctures on your tires.
  2. You can run the vehicle at low pressure: Tubed tires often cause the air to change the pressure in the tubes. At low pressure, the actual wheel can start pinching and puncturing the tube. On the other hand, Tubeless tires do not suffer from this problem because they don’t have tubes that the wheel can puncture at low pressures.
  3. Extra safety: If punctures do occur, air releases very slowly, which can give you a lot of time to control the vehicle before coming to a stop. Thus, it can prevent you from causing an accident. Additionally, you can use a liquid sealant to instantly cover up any puncture on a tubeless tire, which is not possible if the tube and the tire must be fixed.
  4. Fuel efficiency and cost-effectiveness: There is a small advantage of saving a bit of fuel, which leads to cost-savings because the tires with no tubes weigh less than tires with them. Lighter weight means less fuel gets burned as a result, which can increase your mileage. Saving costs on actual tube maintenance should also be mentioned.
  5. No more friction: If you drive at high speeds, it can lead to friction between the tube and tire. If the friction becomes too much, the temperature of the tube will increase significantly, which can lead to the explosion of the tube.
  6. More balance: Because there are no tubes in your tires, your tires are filled with the air itself and not with a tube containing the air. This means that your vehicle will be more stable, in addition to the fact that your vehicle will not have uneven pressure due to the vehicle’s side rims that uphold the shape of the tire.

Disadvantages Of Tubeless Tires On Your Go-Kart

  1. Difficult to fit: If you have a tubeless tire, the tire must be airtight, and the rim must ensure that no air escapes from the tire. This can make the entire fitting of a new tire onto the vehicle much more difficult because there are many more steps involved. You will most likely have to get a professional to do it for you.
  2. More difficult to fix: To fix a tubeless tire, you will require special equipment that most people do not possess. Thus, the chances of you fixing a puncture are much slimmer if you are not in an environment where most people also drive with tubeless tires on their vehicles.
  3. Price: Even though tubeless tires are more efficient on fuel, they have a higher purchasing price than tubed tires. Thus, you will not be punished as badly if you merely have to use a liquid sealant to cover up a puncture, but you will be punished if you are required to buy new tires for your new go-kart or if you have to buy an entirely new tire to replace an old one.

The advantages and disadvantages of tubed-tires will not be discussed because it is merely the exact opposite of what applies to tubeless tires’ advantages and disadvantages.


How Do You Choose The Best Go-Kart Tires For You?

We have now determined that racing is a large factor in deciding whether you will go with tires with tubes or without them. There are also other considerations that should be accounted for before investing in a new set of tires.

The Sidewall Of Your Tires

There are various types of sidewalls, and it is important to choose a tire with the right type for what you want to do with the go-kart. The two general choices of sidewall you can choose from are:

  • Stiff sidewall
  • Soft sidewall

If you want to want to engage in a lot of off-road go-karting, you will most likely pick the soft sidewall. The reason for this is because the soft sidewall can act as a suspension in addition to your go-kart’s suspension. Furthermore, the soft sidewall helps with absorbing force and softens bumps when you bump into something or drive on rough terrain.

If you rather want to race your go-kart on a track, you will most likely go with the stiff sidewall on your tires. This is because when you race and you take a corner, your tires tend to bend, and stiff sidewalls help avoid this situation.

The Speed Rating Of Your Tires

If you intend on driving very fast with your go-kart, it is important to consider the speed rating of your tires. If you plan on driving faster than just normal off-road go-karting, the tires should, preferably, be balanced and speed rated.

If you don’t have tires that are both balanced and speed rated in this case, it can negatively affect your driving experience in that you will experience a lot of vibration issues. If you don’t plan on driving really fast, you don’t need to have speed-rated tires, but it is still recommended that your tires must be balanced.


In conclusion, yes, some go-karts do have tubes in their tires. It all depends on what you want to use the go-kart for.

If you want to start taking go-karting very seriously and start competing with others in races, you’ll definitely want no tubes in those tires. On the other hand, if you merely want to go and have fun on go-karts with your friends on weekends, you’ll most likely want tires that can absorb a bit of impact before puncturing and go with the tubed tires.