What Are Constructors In Formula 1?

Formula 1 is a wildly popular motorsport internationally. There are few motorsports that have as big a following as F1, but there are still many F1 fans who are unsure about some of the elements of the sport. For example, what are constructors in Formula 1?

Constructors in Formula 1 are the companies, entities, or manufacturers that are responsible for developing and constructing the cars used for racing in F1. Each constructor is represented by a racing team and two racing drivers that compete in every Grand Prix to win World Championship points.

Formula 1 constructors are a vital aspect of the sport. The constructors are the teams behind the cars and the drivers, and without the constructor’s championship, no team would push as hard for success as they do. Let’s thoroughly examine constructors in Formula 1.

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What Are The Constructors In Formula 1?

Formula 1 is busy with drivers, teams, staff, mechanics, engineers, safety personal, trainers, principals, and so many more various types of personal. This can lead some to be confused about what constructors are in Formula 1 and what their function is in the sport.

Constructors, in basic terms, are the entities responsible for designing and building the engine and chassis of a Formula 1 car. The entity that designs, creates, and builds the chassis and/or engine of the car are entered into the Constructors Championship.

The constructors in Formula 1 are responsible for the research, development, and construction of the Formula 1 car chassis and engine. These entities are known as constructors, as this is in keeping with the spirit of Formula 1, where teams are required to construct their own race cars.

It is possible for two constructors to be involved in the development and construction of a single F1 car. For example, Red Bull designed and built the chassis of the Red Bull F1 car, but the engine for the car was designed and built by Honda.

This means that Red Bull and Honda are both constructors in the F1 team. However, only one set of points is awarded to the team, and both constructors are treated as one entity rather than dividing points between them.

The constructors in Formula 1 compete in what is known as the Formula 1 World Constructor’s Championship. This is the competition that takes place every year alongside the Formula 1 World Driver’s Championship.

The Constructors taking part in the race are awarded the same points as the drivers who race with their cars. Every F1 constructor has two drivers in every race. The points earned by both drivers are allocated to the constructor and combined to form the overall score.

Constructors are a vital aspect of Formula 1. Without them, there would be no cars to drive!

What Is The Constructors Cup?

There are always two competitions being held in Formula 1 during every season, the championship held between the drivers and the championship competition held between the constructors.

The Constructors Cup is another term for the Constructor’s Championship. This is the competition taking place alongside the Driver’s Championship in every F1 season. The winner of the Constructor’s Championship is the team with the most points at the end o the season.

The World Constructor’s Championship is a prestigious competition held every year in the sport of Formula 1.

Formula 1 is one of the few motorsports where there are two competitions happening simultaneously every season. The constructors taking part in the Championship are those who develop the cars for racing in Formula 1.

The Championship is held by warding points to the constructor based on the points won by the drivers who race their cars in the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Each constructor has two drivers, and their total combined points won at every race are awarded to the constructor.

The constructor with the most total points at the end of the season wins the World Championship.

This creates an unusual scenario in the world of motorsport, where the drivers of the teams that win the Constructor’s Championship may not be the drivers who win the Driver’s Championship.

How Do Constructors Win Points In F1?

The constructors in Formula 1 compete in their own tournament during every racing season, and the points awarded to the constructors are based on the points awarded to the drivers who race for the constructors.

Constructors are awarded the same points won by the drivers who race in their cars. If the drivers earn 25 and 18 points, respectively, the constructor will be awarded 43 points, which are the points won by both drivers combined.

If the drivers that race for a constructor does not score good points, the constructors do not score good points. The performance of the car on the track is the deciding factor in who wins the Constructors World Championship every year.

The points awarded to the racing drivers in Formula 1 are as follows:

  • First Place: 25 Points
  • Second Place: 18 Points
  • Third Place: 15 Points
  • Fourth Place: 12 Points
  • Fifth Place: 10 Points
  • Sixth Place: 8 Points
  • Seventh Place: 6 Points
  • Eight Place: 4 Points
  • Ninth Place: 2 Points
  • Tenth Place: 1 Point

Points are only awarded to the drivers who finish the race in the top ten positions. This means that points are only awarded for the constructors who finish in the top ten positions.

The maximum number of racing points that can be awarded to a Formula 1 constructer per race is 43 points. This will only occur if two drivers who race for the same constructor finish the race in first and second place.

If the constructor’s drivers do not place in the top ten, the constructor is awarded no points for the race. This included crashes, eliminations, and disqualifications.

Constructors In The 2021 Formula 1 Season.

There are a total of 10 constructors competing in Formula 1 in 2021. Each constructor is represented by one team, and each team has two drivers to race the cars developed by the constructors.

The constructors competing in the 2021 Formula 1 racing season are:

  • Mercedes – Racing as team Mercedes, with Mercedes chassis and an engine by Mercedes.
  • Red Bull Racing-Honda – Racing as Red Bull Racing with a Red Bull Racing chassis and an engine by Honda.
  • McLaren-Mercedes – Racing as McLaren with a McLaren chassis and an engine by Mercedes.
  • Scuderia Ferrari – Racing as Ferrari with a Ferrari chassis and an engine by Ferrari.
  • Alpine-Renault – Racing as Alpine with an Alpine chassis and an engine by Renault
  • AlphaTauri-Honda – Racing as AlphaTauri with an AlphaTauri chassis and an engine by Honda.
  • Aston Martin-Mercedes – Racing as Aston Martin with an Aston Martin chassis and an engine by Mercedes.
  • Williams-Mercedes – Racing as Williams with a chassis by Williams and an engine by Mercedes.
  • Alpha Romeo Racing-Ferrari – Racing as Alpha Romeo Racing with an Alpha Romeo chassis and an engine by Ferrari.
  • Haas-Ferrari – Racing as Hass with a chassis by Hass and an engine by Ferrari.

All of these constructors are represented by one racing team and two racing drivers. The points that the drivers score during the races in the Championship determine the points that are awarded to the constructors that compete in the season.

The best constructors who do the best in the season are those who score the most points. The most points are scored by the constructors who develop the best racing cars and those who employ the best drivers to race them.

The Most Successful Constructors In Formula 1

There has been a myriad of constructors that have been competing in the Formula 1 World Constructor’s Championship since the sport began in 1946. However, some of the teams stand out as the most successful.

The most successful Formula 1 constructors are Scuderia Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, Williams, Team Lotus, and Red Bull Racing. The most successful constructor has won the most individual races and the most overall World Constructor’s Championships.

Let us take some time to look at the most successful constructors in Formula 1 history, some of which are still racing, and some are no longer competing in F1.

Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari is the all-time most successful constructor in Formula 1 history. This team has been competing in Formula 1 since the very first Formula 1 World Championship in 1950 and is still competing in the sport today. 

Since then, Scuderia Ferrari has won a total of 16 World Constructor’s Championships, 283 race wins in Formula 1.


McLaren is a constructor that has been competing in Formula 1 since 1966 and is still a major competitor in the sport in 2021.

Despite a few rough years in Formula 1, McLaren is the second most successful constructor in Formula 1 history with 8 total World Constructor’s Championship wins and a total of 183 race wins. 

Mercedes and Williams have both won more Constructor’s Championships than McLaren, but McLaren has won more races overall, which is why many may list McLaren as a more successful team than either Mercedes or Williams.

McLaren, along with Scuderia Ferrari, is an institution in Formula 1 and is some of the most well-known constructors in the sport.


Mercedes competed in Formula 1 in 1954 and 1955 and then only began competing again in 2010. This makes it all the more impressive that Mercedes has won 9 World Constructor’s Championships.

Mercedes are the current Constructors World Champions in 2021, as they have won every World Championship since 2014.

This constructor is one of the most successful in all of F1 history and is also one of the youngest. This sets Mercedes up to break many Constructor’s records in the future.

Mercedes have won a total of 121 Grand Prix races in Formula 1, which is another very impressive figure for such a relatively young constructor.


Another team that is an icon in F1 history, along with Ferrari and McLaren, is Williams.

Williams has been struggling in the past few years, but the Williams of the past was one of the most broadly successful teams in F1. This still holds true today, as Williams as a constructor in F1 still stands as one of the most successful of all time.

Williams has won 9 World Constructor’s Championships and 114 races since their Formula 1 debut in 1978. Williams is still very present in Formula 1 today.

Team Lotus

A team that has made various appearances in Formula 1 over the years is Team Lotus. Under its various forms, names, and owners, Team Lotus has been a Formula 1 name since 1958.

During the career of Team Lotus as a constructor, Team Lotus won 7 World Constructor’s Championships.

The cars developed by this constructor are responsible for a total of 79 Formula 1 race wins, but Team Lotus is no longer competing in Formula 1 as of 2021.

Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Racing is one of the youngest teams in all of F1, as the team entered the sport in 2005. This makes the fact that Red Bull Racing has won 4 World Constructors Championships and 72 races all the more impressive.

The short racing career of this constructor may show that Red Bull Racing stands to become the best Formula 1 constructor of all time, so long as this young team manages to keep up their current racing streak and stands the test of time in Formula 1.

For such a young constructor to be among the best five constructors in Formula 1 history is immensely impressive.

Do All Constructors Build Their Own Car?

Constructors are responsible for the development of the cars used for racing in Formula 1, but do all constructors build their own cars?

According to the regulations of Formula 1 racing, every constructor must develop their own racing chassis. Other parts of the car may be bought by third-party manufacturers, and the constructors are allowed to partner with other constructors for components such as the power unit.

This is why some constructors are listed with two names, such as Red Bull Racing-Honda. This double-barrel name indicates that the chassis is developed and built by one team and the engine by another.

Apart from this, all constructors must develop and build their own Formula 1 racing cars.


Constructors in Formula 1 are an important aspect of the sport. These are the companies or entities that are responsible for developing the cars used in F1.

Constructors are responsible for all of the technological advancements that have taken place in Formula 1 over the years, and they push the automotive industry to be better and better every year.

These constructors are represented by racing teams and racing drivers, but the constructors are worthy of their own titles and World Championship competitions.