What Brands Do MotoGP Riders Wear?

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Brands like Suzuki, Honda, and Ducati have been brand leaders in Motor GP since it became a major sport in 1949. Branding and sponsorship are essential parts of racing. Branded clothing reflects the team’s promise to quality clothing, ensuring riders’ safety by selecting the best fabrics, trims, etc. But what brands do MotoGP riders wear?

While on the circuit, most MotoGP riders prefer to wear brands of their sponsors. MotoGP riders’ wardrobe consists of leathers, boots, helmets, and eyewear, all bearing the names of their favorite brand. The top five brands MotoGP riders prefer are Alpinestars, Dainese, AVG, Repsol Honda, and Aprilia.

MotoGP is a competitive sport and not only on race days. Let us take a closer peek at which brands MotoGP riders favor and the reasons behind this.

Top Brands MotoGP Riders Wear

A MotoGP rider’s kit consists of their leathers, the outer layer of one-piece overall, their boots, and helmets. These outer garments are supplied by the rider’s sponsors and bear the marks of their respective sponsors.

The majority of the familiar brands like Alpinestars, Dainese, and Suzuki have been around the MotoGP circuit since its inception in 1949. They have mastered the art of top-quality clothing and gear for the riders of MotoGP.

Here is a list of MotoGP riders’ best brands categorized under suits, boots, and helmets.

What Suit Brands Do MotoGP Riders Wear?

MotoGP, like every motorsport, is hazardous. The risk of a rider under extreme conditions catching on fire or getting hurt is high. Therefore their clothing is fireproof, made in 100% cotton or with other natural fibers.

The entire ensemble, from the inner layer, outer leathers, knee pads, gloves, boots, and helmets, is built to ensure the riders’ safety and comfort. The leather suits should provide the rider with flexibility as they bend and swerve around the turns on a race track.

Each leather suit is hand constructed and tested against extreme temperatures, fire, etc. And after each race, the suit is inspected for damages. And if tears or irregularities are found, they are repaired expediently. They are then thoroughly cleaned ahead of the following race. It’s perhaps a good thing MotoGP riders are not fussy about wearing the same outfit in every race. That could be an expensive affair for their sponsors!

 In most instances, the inner layer is constructed of natural fibers. And this is because natural fibers are absorbent, breathable, and fire resistant. The head cover worn before the rider puts on their helmet is also constructed of natural fibers.

The suit, although constructed in leather, is lightweight. Considering all the gear a MotoGP rider has on, you realize why. The multiple layers of clothing, including the helmet, boots, and knee and elbow guards, cannot weigh down the rider.

However, with the extra shields covering essential body parts, some of which are metal, the entire kit is quite heavy.

When you ask what the best suit brands in MotoGP are, a few well-known names come up.

  • Alpinestars
  • Dainese
  • Repsol
  • Ducati
  • Aprilia

In addition to these famous brands, championship riders like Valentino Rossi (VR46) launched their clothing and apparel brands.

It must also be noted that although these brands are designed and created especially for MotoGP riders, it has not stopped the brand companies from manufacturing the same apparel for fans of the sport.

What Helmet Brands Do MotoGP Riders Wear?

A helmet protects the head and face area. However, other variables affect which brand MotoGP riders select best for them.

A helmet must be lightweight yet durable enough to protect the face and head of the rider in the event of a crash. Many well-known brands offer helmets constructed of lightweight materials like glass, multifiber, or carbon.

Riders have a choice between a full-face helmet and an open-face one. Each serves a different purpose to the rider and depends on the weather conditions the rider is driving in.

The size of the helmet is also essential to the rider. The rider spends hours on the motorcycle during a race without removing the helmet. It, therefore, needs to fit well and offer comfort.

A good helmet brand provides adequate ventilation and protection from extreme weather conditions like rain, sleet, and the sun. Some helmet visors have a scratch-resistant layer.

Every helmet undergoes rigorous testing and is stamped with safety certification, like Kitemarks, ACU Golds, Sharp ratings, etc., by the FIM Racing.

When you speak about the top helmet brands MotoGP riders prefer, a few brands come to mind.

  • Repsol
  • X Lite-X
  • AGV

MotoGP riders Marc and Alex Marquez have their helmet brand, which has all the necessary safety precautions and is popular amongst many budding MotoGP riders.

What Boot Brands Do MotoGP Riders Wear?

Do you remember those days riding on your BMX, go-cart, or homemade cart? And you would use your feet to stop. Do you remember the condition of your feet or shoes after a fun-filled day of riding? How many of us left our feet intact is still a wonder.

The boots of MotoGP riders are constructed with high-grade leather. Leather is the perfect choice for MotoGP boots because, as a natural fabric, it absorbs heat, does not damage easily, is flexible, and can conform to the body’s shape, all while looking great!

Some boots are constructed with d-stone fabric, a synthetic fabric that is tough and highly durable.

MotoGP boots must be lightweight but flexible enough to protect the legs and ankles. Most boots contain a shield guard around the ankles and heels.

The temperatures while riding around the race track for hours can become unbearably hot. And the feet become the victim of perspiration. Therefore most footwear must have good ventilation to air the feet.

 The sole of the boot is in constant contact with the foot pedal. And it needs a material that does not melt or perish due to the high temperatures. To prevent this, the soles of most MotoGP boots have a protective layer that is oil and petrol-resistant.

Two boot brands are the preferred choice for MotoGP riders. They are worn by MotoGP championship riders like Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez, Jack Miller, Carl Crutchlow, etc.

  • Alpinestars Supertech Boots
  • Dainese Axial Boots

Dani Pedrosa, Valentino Rossi, and Andrea Dovizioso are a few MotoGP riders who have joined with popular boot brands to develop their boots ranges.

What Eyewear Brands Do MotoGP Riders Wear?

Sunglasses form an integral part of every MotoGP rider’s kit. You cannot talk about a MotoGP rider’s gear without mention of the eyewear they prefer. Considering riders spend so much time outdoors, they must have top-quality eyewear to protect against the sun’s rays. All sunglasses riders use must therefore have a high UV protection layer.

Like with other apparel, riders also have their range of eyewear. Successful brands like Glorify often partner with MotoGP riders to develop sunglass ranges that best suit a rider’s needs.

Two fashionable and trendy brands produce eyewear for MotoGP riders.

  • Oakley
  • Miguel Olivier by glorify
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As an extreme sport, MotoGP riders need their clothing kits to provide them with comfort and be a good fit, but above all, protect them while they speed across the race track. Therefore, every clothing and apparel brand’s mission is to ensure its riders’ safety. Favored brands, like Alpinestars, Dainese, and Repsol, are the choices of the majority of MotoGP riders.