What To Wear To An F1 Race

The clothing you decide to wear to a Formula 1 race event can make or break the experience. The Formula 1 race weekend can be intense, and it is important to dress accordingly. If you are attending an F1 race weekend, what should you wear? Let’s find out!

When attending an F1 race weekend, dress comfortably, but dress according to your ticket package. Sitting in the grandstand requires more casual clothing, while a visit to the paddock requires smarter attire. Always dress according to the forecasted weather and bring along some ear protection.

The dress requirements for an F1 race vary depending on your seating position and the race weekend package you have purchased. Let’s take the time to thoroughly consider what to wear to an F1 race based on these factors.

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What To Wear To An F1 Race

The clothes that you wear to an F1 race are very important.

Your attire and what you bring along with you will determine your enjoyment of the event and will forever affect your memories of the race.

Formula 1 is the most prestigious event in motorsport. This sport is filled with money, glamor, influence, socializing, showmanship, attitude, intensity, and drama. Fortunately, F1 is accessible for the everyday person as well.

This means that there are different dress requirements for the different attendants of an F1 race weekend, depending on where you are seated, the ticket package you have purchased, the events you may be attending, and whether or not you will be rubbing shoulders with any drivers and or happen to be in the background of a rolling camera.

Regardless of your seating arrangements or the experience you have paid for at the race, all attendants must dress comfortably, wear the appropriate footwear for walking, and are prepared for the weather and climate of the day.

What to wear to an F1 race depends on many factors. Let’s take a deeper dive into the clothing requirements for these events for all those who may attend.

Does Formula 1 Have a Dress Code?

Formula 1 is a very prestigious event and is considered by many to be the pinnacle of motorsport. The races are always attended by prominent social, business, and political figures from all over the world. This may lead you to ask, does F1 have a dress code for attendants? 

For general fans and grandstand seating, there is no F1 dress code. However, the social norm is to dress up a little while dressing as comfortably as possible. This is not an event to wear your sweats to.

The only dress code that must be strictly adhered to is when visiting the paddock or any other restricted access areas. 

In these areas, it is requested by Formula 1 that fans or attendants do not wear any racing team attire, racing suits, or any offensive or inappropriate clothing. The attire for these areas is usually smart or smart casual.

The reason for this is because anyone in these areas of the event is likely to rub shoulders with the most prominent guests, racing drivers, team members and are likely to be caught on camera while television, news, and entertainment crews are conducting interviews or recording various aspect of the event.

Other than these areas, there is no strict dress code, but it is best to dress as you would for a prestigious event, based on the type of experience you will have at the race and the events that you may be attending before or after the race.

Dress According to Your Ticket Package

When attending an F1 race weekend, or any part of the race weekend, it Is crucial to dress according to the ticket package that you have purchased.

Your ticket package will determine where you sit, where you are allowed to go, the events you are permitted to attend, and how much shelter you will have from the weather during the race weekend.

Here are some of the ticket packages available and the type of attire that is required for each of them:

Basic Ticket Packages

Basic ticket packages are the most affordable but offer the least perks. These tickets will seat you in the grandstand or general seating and do not allow for much access to other areas of the grounds or track.

If you enter the weekend with this type of ticket, you are likely to be subjected to more weather than any other spectators or event attendees, you will have to walk the furthest, and you will have the most uncomfortable seats at the event – unfortunately. 

This means it is essential for you to dress accordingly.

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes for all of the walking that will be required of you, and wear comfortable and breathable clothing – especially if you are attending an event at a notoriously hot track.

Wear comfortable clothing but try to keep your attire neat. Some fans will wear team colors or team attire, but this is only permitted if you will not be entering any official areas of the track or racing grounds.

Be sure to wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun and be prepared for sudden changes in weather. Bring something warm and thick to put on in case of rain or chilly winds, and be sure to bring a bag to keep track of your belongings.

Many experienced F1 attendees recommend bringing an extra shirt along just in case the day gets hotter or colder than you anticipated.

Intermediate Ticket Packages

The intermediate ticket packages allow for more access to semi-restricted areas within the racing grounds and track. 

These tickets also afford you better seating and a little less walking as the seats are usually closer to the parking lots and shuttle stops.

These tickets generally allow for more walkthroughs, in-depth experiences, tours, and entertainment than the basic tickets, but there are limitations to what they afford to their owners.

The attire for intermediate ticket holders is similar to those of basic ticket holders, but it is best to refrain from wearing team clothing, just in case you are afforded the opportunity to enter an area where such attire is not permitted.

Be sure to wear clothes that will protect you from the weather and the elements, and be prepared for sudden weather changes. Hats, umbrellas, sunglasses, and a jacket in case of weather are essential for intermediate ticket holders.

High-End Ticket Packages 

The high-end ticket packages are where clothing is very important and makes the biggest difference when attending an F1 race weekend.

These tickets will afford you almost unrestricted access to the racing ground, the track, any pre or post-race events, driver’s areas, the paddock, private viewing areas, and other such restricted areas.

A high-end ticket will give you access to extensive tours and walk-throughs throughout the weekend and will grant you access to areas where no other spectators are permitted.

For these reasons, the attire that you wear is essential. The general dress code for this ticket range is smart or smart or smart-casual. Be sure to wear the clothes that you would prepare for a semi-formal event for function but put on shoes that are designed for walking.

However, while this type of ticket does allow you the most access, it also requires a stricter dress code than any other package. 

These ticket holders are not permitted to wear any team clothing, any team-branded clothing, race suits, jumpsuits, and some tracks do not even permit team colors to be worn.

There are several reasons for this regulation, but the most important reason is to differentiate the racing teams and officials from spectators and other bystanders.

There are hundreds of team members and officials that work and function in these restricted areas of the grounds, especially the drivers’ paddock, and wearing the same colors or clothing as them can put you in danger or put you in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The smart or smart-casual attire requirements are to keep the look and feel of these more important areas as neat and smart as possible. These areas are constantly under the limelight as they are used for interviews, recordings, and filming documentaries and television programs. 

You should dress neatly if you have access to these areas, as you are very likely to be caught in the background by some form of camera.

Separates team members from fans and the general public

Dress According to The Circuit

Another important aspect of F1 race day attire to remember is that each racetrack is different. 

Before you attend the F1 event, do your research to find out how far you will have to walk to reach your seats or any events that you will be attending. These factors are unique to every tack and must determine the clothing you wear.

The same is true for the weather at the track that you are attending. Some circuits are built-in notoriously hot places; others are in very cold or very wet areas. This is a factor that you must consider as well when deciding what to wear to the F1 race.

Consider the distance you will have to walk, whether or not you will have a roof to sit under if you will be indoors or outdoors, and how sheltered from the wind you will be where you are seated, and be sure to dress accordingly.

Dress According to The Weather 

A vital factor to consider when deciding on what to wear for an F1 race or race weekend is the weather.

The F1 Grand Prix race itself is only about 2 hours long, but the race event takes place over three full days. This means that you will be exposed to three days of weather over the course of the event. Look up the forecast and dress according to the weather you will experience.

As we stated above, some F1 races take place in very cold climates, others in extremely windy areas, and some in exceedingly hot areas. The Grand Prix in Dubai even takes place at night to beat the heat of the Arabian desert.

It is essential that you find out the predicted weather conditions for the days that you will be attending the F1 event and dress accordingly. 

It is also essential to bring back up clothing in case the weather changes or does something unexpected.

For example, the Belgian Grand Prix in 2021 experienced so much rain that the race was ended after just 3 minutes and 27 seconds. In conditions like this, it is vital to have waterproof shoes and to equip yourself with an umbrella and a raincoat or poncho.

Important Extras

Apart from the clothing that you wear to the F1 race evet, there are some other important extras that you should bring along to ensure that you have the best possible time and enjoy the event to its fullest.

A list of important extras to bring along to the race weekend include:

  • Your ticket.
  • Binoculars.
  • A plastic water bottle.
  • Sunglasses.
  • A hat.
  • Sunscreen.
  • An extra shirt.
  • A jacket or another type of warm top.
  • Walking shoes.
  • Snacks for the day (depending on your ticket package).
  • Cash – most F1 tracks are not fully equipped for card purchases.
  • A pen and pad/notebook.
  • Smartphone with the F1 app downloaded – this provides maps and other information.
  • A small collapsible umbrella.


What to wear to an F1 race is dependent on several factors. The main factors are the weather, the type of ticket package you have purchased, and your own personal style.

The most vital thing to remember when deciding what to wear to an F1 race is to dress comfortably. Even if you are allowed access to the most prestigious areas of the event, you will still be doing a lot of walking, and you will be exposed to the weather for the majority of the event, so be sure to wear clothes that accommodate this.

The general (unofficial) dress code of F1 events is smart/smart-casual, but be sure to bring the appropriate clothing along if you are to attend any of the numerous social events, parties, or other functions that occur over the racing weekend, and bring the extra essentials listed above!