Why are F1 Drivers Good Looking?

Fast cars, hundreds of thousands of fans, races all around the world, and finally attractive drivers, F1 is the epitome of motor racing. However, most F1 drivers are pretty good-looking and are the subject of much fan affection. So, I decided to investigate and explain why F1 drivers are good-looking. 

F1 drivers are good looking because:

  • They have muscular, athletic bodies, which Western society deems good looking. They have amazing photos taken of them by professional photographers.
  • They have access to the best clothes and hygiene & skincare products.
  • Formula 1 is an attractive sport. 

There are multiple reasons why F1 drivers are good-looking. Some are related to who they have around them and their role, while others have to do with the money they earn and just the fact that they race in F1. So, strap yourself in, and let’s look at why F1 drivers are good-looking.

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F1 Drivers Have Good Bodies Because They’re Athletes:

Formula 1 is an incredibly physically demanding sport. Drivers lose a lot of weight every race through sweat due to the physical exertion caused by driving an F1 car. Drivers experience high levels of G-force during a race, and constantly turning the steering wheel and braking requires a lot of force.

As a result, Formula 1 drivers spend a lot of time doing physical fitness to prepare for their time in the car. They exercise almost every day and always watch what they eat. Experienced trainers control their fitness programs, and their meal plans are carefully crafted and are often cooked by brilliant chefs. 

All of this means that F1 drivers develop muscular toned bodies. A 21st-century society driven by Western norms and social media has primarily deemed bodies like these the epitome of beauty. Just look at a magazine cover for men’s sport or fitness, and you’ll likely see an athlete with a six-pack, a defined chest, and large biceps. 

Formula 1 drivers look no different. Therefore, having good bodies is part of why they are good-looking. Many drivers are also more than happy to share their toned muscles with the world on their social media accounts (we’re looking at you, George Russell), so there are plenty of pictures around drivers showing off their bodies. 

F1 Drivers Always Have Good Photos Taken of Them:

Social media is a carefully curated world. We often agonize about what and what not to share with our followers, and this decision is often about which photo we look best in.

Formula 1 drivers are celebrities and sports stars at the top of the game, so they always have a large batch of professional photographers following them around wherever they go, especially when they’re at the racetrack. 

These photographers often use the latest and most expensive equipment and use the best editing software out there. Therefore, the photographs they take and choose to share have been taken with an excellent camera and have been professionally edited to improve the lighting and other aspects of the photo. 

This means that most photos we see of F1 drivers are carefully shot, edited and selected photographs taken by expert photographers. This will primarily mean that the drivers will always look good in these photos shared with the public. 

F1 Drivers Have the Best Clothing and Skincare Products:

Formula 1 drivers are paid handsomely for their performance on the track, and they also get performance-related bonuses on top of their already big base salaries. They also collect a lot of money from their various sponsorship agreements. According to Forbes, in 2021, the top three highest-paid F1 drivers are Lewis Hamilton ($62 million), Max Verstappen ($42 million), and Fernando Alonso ($25 million). 

Even the lower end of the spectrum drivers walk away with more than $1 million every season, plus a whole host of sponsorship money. Many of the drivers, bar a few, also come from wealthy families, as motorsport is an expensive exploit.

This means that Formula 1 drivers have access to the best clothes around, good quality skincare and hygiene products, expert barbers, and fashion advisors if they wish. A great haircut can improve someone’s looks and confidence, and F1 drivers will get them done regularly by highly skilled barbers or hairdressers. 

Good clothes, especially combined with excellent taste, can go a long way to make people look good. They can highlight and accentuate certain parts of the body and can give the wearer confidence if they feel comfortable with what they’re wearing. This makes people look good as they feel confident and carry themselves in that way.

Another feature of magazine and social media models is perfect skin. Western society finds clear skin (especially if it is tanned) attractive. Formula 1 drivers have access to the very best skincare products to get their skin glowing and clear. They can buy whatever they want and need to keep their skin healthy. 

Furthermore, they also have time off to travel and a lot of money. Therefore, they can often visit sunny places and spend time on the beach catching a tan during their rest time in between races. Being tanned and having clear skin goes a long way towards making Formula 1 driver look so attractive. 

Formula 1 is a High Profile, Glamorous Sport:

Formula 1 is a glamorous sport. It is the epitome of motor racing and attracts the world’s best drivers. Races are watched by hundreds of thousands of fans and by all kinds of celebrities. Drivers are paid a fortune and are treated like idols. They are the envy of children worldwide, who want to be like their heroes and race the best cars in motorsport.

This means that many idolize drivers and are seen as extremely ‘cool’ and doing the job everyone wants. The combination of fast cars and thousands of fans makes being an F1 driver an attractive proposition. Therefore, we associate the current drivers with this, making them seem attractive.

Who are the Best Looking F1 Drivers?

Some of the best looking F1 drivers on the current grid are:

  • Lewis Hamilton.
  • Charles Leclerc.
  • Lando Norris.
  • Carlos Sainz.
  • George Russell.
  • Daniel Ricciardo.


Formula 1 drivers are good-looking because they have muscular, athletic bodies due to their training and healthy eating, good skin, and haircuts regularly done by the best barbers. They also have most of their photos taken by professional photographers, which means they always look good in them. They also have photos taken in exotic locations or around the F1 track, which everyone finds very cool.

It’s also worth remembering that genetics also often play a significant role in someone’s looks and that beauty is subjective. Therefore, the current F1 grid might be genetically good-looking, although there is no doubt that the abovementioned reasons help a lot.